Are Dried Cranberries Good For Weight Loss? Weighing The Pros And Cons

  • Dried cranberries contain beneficial antioxidants and fiber, but their main downside is their high natural sugar content per serving.
  • When portioned appropriately, their relatively low-calorie density and fiber make them a better choice than chips, cookies, or other processed snacks.
  • However, their sweet taste makes it easy to overeat dried cranberries, resulting in excess sugar and calories that can impede weight loss.

Dried cranberries are a popular snack food touted as a nutritious on-the-go treat. With their sweet taste and chewy texture, dried cranberries can curb cravings for less healthy fare. But do their properties also make them a smart addition to a weight-loss diet?

Let’s analyze if dried cranberries can really help you shed pounds.

What Are Dried Cranberries?

Dried cranberries, often called craisins, are made by drying fresh cranberries, either naturally or with added sugar. The desiccation process concentrates natural sugars, giving dried cranberries a sweeter, more intensely flavored profile than fresh berries.

Are Dried Cranberries Good For Weight Loss

About 1/3 cup of dried cranberries provides:

➜ 120 calories

➜  0 grams of fat 

➜  29 grams carbohydrate

➜  3 grams protein

➜ 3 grams fiber

With their unique nutrition profile, dried cranberries provide some benefits that may aid weight loss efforts. But they also contain drawbacks to watch for.

Potential Weight Loss Benefits Of Dried Cranberries

Here are some of the advantages dried cranberries seem to offer for supporting a weight loss diet:

Low-calorie density

Dried cranberries provide fewer calories per gram than many other dried fruits. This helps limit calorie intake.

Fiber content

The 3 grams of fiber per serving helps promote satiety and supports digestive health.

Antioxidant power

Cranberries are packed with polyphenol antioxidants that combat inflammation implicated in obesity.

Tart taste

The tartness comes from hippuric acid, which may balance blood sugar and insulin, improving fat burning.  

Satiating crunch

The chewy texture helps satisfy snack cravings for those with a crunchy food fixation.

But the sugar content undermines many of these advantages. Overall, dried cranberries offer some potential upsides for weight loss, but also downsides.

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Drawbacks Of Dried Cranberries For Weight Loss Goals

Here are some of the unfavorable aspects of dried cranberries to watch for on a diet:

High in natural sugar

A 1/3 cup serving contains 23 grams of total sugars, mainly fructose and glucose. Too much-added sugar impedes weight loss.

Sweet taste promotes overeating

The sweetness makes it easy to over-consume without feeling satiated, resulting in excess calories.

Lacks protein

With only 3 grams of protein per serving, dried cranberries don’t provide much filling protein.

Often packaged with added sugars

Many commercial brands add additional cane sugar, negating some of the fiber benefits.

Low in nutrients

Cranberries have minimal vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, or protein content by weight after drying.

Overall, dried cranberries qualify as a better snack choice than processed alternatives, but should still be portion-controlled to limit calorie excess.

Tips For Incorporating Dried Cranberries Into A Weight Loss Diet

Here are some ways to incorporate dried cranberries into your diet plan to reach weight loss goals:

– Measure 1/4 cup servings into snack bags to prevent overeating.

– Mix with raw unsalted nuts to balance macros and get filling protein and healthy fats.

Combine with fresh fruit like apples or pineapple for added volume and nutrients.

– Add to Greek yogurt or oatmeal for more protein, and cinnamon to help regulate blood sugar.

– Use dried cranberries to add flavor and sweetness instead of sugar to foods like cereal and salads.

– Drink plenty of water when snacking on dried cranberries to avoid dehydration and increase satiety.

– Choose unsweetened or low-sugar varieties to avoid excess added sugars.

Healthier Alternatives To Dried Cranberries For Weight Loss Diets

While dried cranberries can fit into a diet in moderation, these options provide more advantages:

🔷 Fresh cranberries

More filling volume with fiber, lower glycemic index, and higher water content for hydration. Can blend into smoothies or chia pudding.

🔷 Frozen cranberries

Comparable nutrition to fresh without spoilage concerns. More versatility in smoothies, baking, and oatmeal.

Rich in satiating protein and antioxidants with a lower glycemic load than dried cranberries. Provides vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. 

🔷 Prunes

High in filling fiber, bone-supporting minerals, and antioxidants. Help promote digestive regularity.

🔷 Kale chips

Baked kale satisfies the urge for crunch without the concentrated sugars. Much higher in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

🔷 Edamame

An excellent protein source with antioxidants, phytosterols, and high fiber content to boost satiety longer.

The Verdict On Dried Cranberries For Weight Loss

In moderation, dried cranberries can be part of a successful weight loss plan by providing:

– A low-calorie, high-fiber alternative to chips, cookies, and candy

– Antioxidants and polyphenols that combat obesity-associated inflammation

– A tart, chewy snack that satisfies cravings for something sweet and crunchy

However, portions must be monitored carefully due to the high natural sugar content. Dried cranberries support weight loss best when paired with protein sources and incorporated into an overall healthy diet and active lifestyle.


Dried cranberries can be a smart addition to a weight loss plan in moderation by providing flavor, antioxidants, fiber, and crunch. But be mindful of appropriate portions to avoid excess sugar intake.

Pair dried cranberries with filling proteins and healthy fats, and include them as part of an overall diet rich in nutritious whole foods. Also, stay active through exercise. With some care taken to curb calories, dried cranberries can add sweetness to your weight loss journey.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Are dried cranberries Keto?

Dried cranberries are technically low in carbs enough to fit a ketogenic diet. However, they do contain 23 grams total sugars per serving, so those on keto should enjoy dried cranberries sparingly.

2. Do dried cranberries cause weight gain?

Eating excessive amounts of dried cranberries can lead to weight gain due to their high sugar content. But when portioned appropriately as part of a balanced diet, their fiber makes them a smarter snack choice than many alternatives.

3. Are dried cranberries healthier than raisins?

Dried cranberries and raisins have comparable calorie, fiber, and sugar content. However, cranberries contain more cancer-fighting antioxidants. Neither is definitively “healthy” but both make good substitutes for candy or chips in moderation.

4. Do dried cranberries slow metabolism?

No specific evidence shows dried cranberries’ slow metabolism. However overconsuming any food can potentially disrupt blood sugar balance and metabolic processes. The fiber in cranberries helps stabilize blood sugar when portions are controlled.

5. How do you incorporate dried cranberries into a diet?

Enjoy 1/4 cup of dried cranberries measured into snack bags to avoid overeating. Combine with nuts, oats, yogurt or salads to balance macros. Focus on unsweetened varieties without added sugars. Drink plenty of fluids and avoid late-night snacking.

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