Is Heel Pain A Sign Of Cancer? What Do You Need To Know?


Heel pain is not a typical symptom of cancer. However, have you ever known that cancer can also express itself in the form of heel pain, especially in some rare cases and cancer variants? If not, yes! Since the symptoms of cancer get expressed in a lot of various forms, heel pain can also be a symptom of the same, and you can suspect the infection the a generally unlikely sign expressed by your body. For that, it is important to know the various aspects of heel pain including its rare association with the deadly disease such as cancer. This article will let you know about the same and will help you seek professional help without making a delay, so that if the pain is all about cancer, you may start the treatment as soon as possible. Just like a lot of other diseases, an early diagnosis and beginning of treatment can help you deal with the disease and assure the most effective recovery possible.

Heel Pain From Cancer Variants

Heel Pain A Sign Of Cancer
  1. Bone Cancer 

Bone cancer can be considered one of the prime cancer variants having its list of symptoms with heel pain. In this case, the infection would be caused mainly by the cells that form various bones in the human body. Apart from that, it is also important to know that, when these bones and the bone cells get infected, one of the major signs or symptoms would be pain experienced in the body. Hence if you are experiencing heel pain for a prolonged duration, there are high chances for the bones in your heels to be infected by cancer. The duration of the pain may vary from person to person.

However, if you leave the condition untreated, the pain may worsen over time. This can also happen if your doctor has performed a wrong diagnosis. Along with the pain experienced in the heel area, you may also notice visible swelling and redness in the area, causing you difficulties in making regular body movements. One of the most unfortunate things about bone cancer is that, in most cases, this condition remains undiagnosed, since many people mistake the pain as a part of the normal aging process. Apart from that, people who are suffering from this type of cancer are also comparatively few and it is only 1% of the total cancer-infected population across the world. 

  1. Breast Cancer 

Breast cancer is another type of cancer, that causes heel pain in individuals. Usually, when the infection spreads from the primary location of the infection, it is known as secondary cancer or metastasis cancer. Heel pain associated with breast cancer can be regarded as a typical example of the same. 

  1. Lung Cancer 

People with lung cancer have also been diagnosed with the symptoms of unbearable heel pain. Swelling, redness, and tenderness in the region have also been noticed. Just like the case with breast cancer, lung cancer is also an example of metastasis cancer, that infects the other body parts such as heels and causes pain and difficulties there. 

  1. Prostate Cancer

When the infection of cancer in prostate cancer spreads to other parts of the body, there are also chances for it to get spread to the heels of your feet and thus cause pain and difficulties in the region. 

Diagnosis Of The Condition 

Sometimes, you may notice your doctor advising you to take tests and checkups such as a detailed X-ray, MRI scanning, or CT scan when you consult them with chronic pain in your heels. In such conditions, do not hesitate to undergo the procedure, assuming your pain is just a part of the natural ageing process or approaching old age. Heel pain associated with cancer can be easily diagnosed with detailed tests and scanning.

Hence, if your chronic heel pain is something associated with cancer, an effective treatment is only possible with an early and accurate diagnosis of the condition. Treating the heel pain associated with cancer, and using painkillers and medication to treat arthritis will not help for sure. Self-treating the condition using home remedies that can help relieve heel pain, may even worsen the condition, hence make sure you are undergoing the procedures as prescribed by your doctor. 

Heel pain caused due to other reasons 

  1. Plantar Fasciitis 

There are also other causes for the heel pain that have been causing you trouble for a prolonged period of time. Plantar Fasciitis can be one of the primary reasons for them. This condition is caused when the tissue band found in the bottom part of your feet is stressed due to extreme physical activities. Pain and inflammation may become one of the major symptoms of the same. Apart from that, it may also cause you extreme pain, especially during the morning hours of the day when you try to get out of your and come into contact with the floor for the first time. 

  1. Stress factures 

Stress fractures can also be one of the primary reasons for your heel pain. It is likely to cause cracks in your bones and thus cause inflammation and pain in your heels. Apart from that, it may also cause you difficulties in making even basic body movements including walking. Athletes and other sportspersons are highly likely to have this condition, especially when they have undergone a lot of injuries and fractures and left it unaddressed and untreated. 

These are all you need to know about heel pain and the association of cancer with it. There is no need to worry about a cancer infection as soon as you develop heel pain. However, it is also not that safe to ignore your prolonged heel pain assuming it is a part of regular pain. Confirmation regarding the condition can be easily sought if you can undergo tests such as a detailed X-ray, CT and MRI scannings. Hence it is important that you make an early diagnosis possible by having the right mindset to do the tests and make the take the right treatment without making any possible delays. 

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