How To Stop Nose Picking: Tips To Break The Habit Once And For All


Nose-picking is an embarrassing habit of many people across the world. Even though it does not pose serious risks, it is unhygienic. Also, this is an unacceptable behavior in society. This is mainly a concern for children, but grownups also pick their noses whether they accept it or not. Moreover, parents look for effective ways to stop this habit in their children. 

If you or your children are suffering from this unhygienic habit, then you must be familiar with the embarrassment. Well, you can change this habit with some simple effort. Here, we will explore what makes people pick their noses and how it can be stopped.

Understand Why People Pick Their Noses

Nose-picking is a bad but common habit, but when it becomes a compulsory thing for you, it can lead to rhinotillexomania. This is a condition when someone feels a strong urge to pick their nose, even to the point of harming themselves. Also, it is linked with other conditions like obsessive-compulsory disorder (OCD). 

How To Stop Nose Picking

Thus, if you or your children are suffering from this unhygienic habit, then you must get rid of it. However, when you know the exact causes of this nose-picking habit, you can handle this more effectively. Here are some reasons that make both kids and grownups pick their noses.

Urge To Remove Dried Mucus

Many people pick their noses to remove dried mucus, which is when things like dust and pollen gather around your nasal passages. Well, the mucus in our nose helps keep our nasal passages lubricated. Also, it helps to prevent germs from going into our lungs. 

However, when it becomes dry due to pollution or other reasons, people get an urge to remove it. Moreover, when people think that mucus is visible from the outside, they want to remove it urgently because it can make them look bad and unhygienic. Thus, they use their fingers to remove dried mucus.

Discomfort In Your Nasal Passages

Your nose works 24/7 to keep you alive, and air passes through your nasal passages every moment. Thus, if you feel discomfort in your nasal passages, it irritates you and makes you want to pick your nose. Also, anything like dirt and pollution can cause discomfort in your nasal passages. Well, this is one of the main reasons why people pick their noses.

Due To Stress Or Nervousness

Many people pick their noses when they are under stress or feeling nervous. If you or your children are picking noses due to this reason, then you should consult with a doctor because it can be identified as rhinotillexomania. Your psychiatrist may recommend some therapies to deal with your stress, anxiety, and nervousness.

When Your Nose Is Dry

Many people pick their noses to deal with dryness. When your nasal passages are too dry, you may experience discomfort. Further, it makes you want to pick your nose to get some relief from dry nose conditions. Also, if you frequently use your fingers to manage dryness in your nose, then it can become a habit.

Adopt Effective Ways To Stop Picking Your Nose

Understand The Complications

Nose-picking, especially in public spaces, is unhygienic and unacceptable in society. People will see you as an unhygienic person if you pick your nose frequently. Also, you can harm your nose when picking, which can even lead to nose bleed

Moreover, there is a risk of infection if your fingers are dirty and you are using them to pick your nose. Additionally, there is a chance that you will spread bacteria with this habit. Thus, when you want to be safe from these conditions, you have to make up your mind to stop picking your nose.

Identify Your Allergies

If you have some allergies that can make your nose dry, then identify them. Also, find out if some allergies cause you difficulty breathing. Moreover, when you identify these allergies, get specific treatment for them. When you treat your allergies or avoid them, you can make a habit of not picking your nose.

Keep Your Nose Clean

When you feel that your nose is dirty, you will pick your nose to save yourself from embarrassment. Thus, always keep your nose clean when you want to avoid these situations. You should make a habit of looking at yourself in the mirror to check whether your nose is clean or not whenever you go outside.

Moisturize Your Nasal Passages

As we have mentioned above, a dry nose is a condition that can lead you to pick your nose. Thus, when you want to manage your dry nose, you have to keep your nasal passages moisturized. You can use saline sprays to clean and moisturize your nasal passages. Also, dry air in your room can cause dry nose conditions, and you can use a humidifier to improve the air quality in your room.

Use Meditation Techniques To Deal With Stress And Anxiety

If you pick your nose due to stress, anxiety, or nervousness, then you should learn techniques to manage these conditions. You can learn meditation techniques to deal with your stress and anxiety. Also, you can modify your behavior by incorporating discipline into your lifestyle. This way, you can improve your confidence and get rid of your nose-picking habit.

Contact A Doctor If You Are Suffering From Rhinotillexomania

If you think you cannot stop this habit by yourself, you may suffer from rhinotillexomania. Also, you can share everything with a doctor, including your nose-picking habit. Thus, you should not hesitate to get help from a professional to learn how to stop picking your nose.

Final Words

People feel embarrassed when someone catches them picking their noses. If you also pick your nose, then you should understand what is making you do that. Above, we have explained why many people, whether kids or grownups, pick their noses. Thus, understand the specific cause of your nose-picking habit and change it. 

For your convenience, we have suggested some effective ways that you can adopt to change your nose-picking habit. Additionally, you can start using tissue paper and gloves when you feel an urge to pick your nose. Also, if you keep your nose clean and moisturized, then you can prevent the urge to pick up your nose.

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