Sesame Oil Benefits For Heart, Skin, Hair, And Beyond


Sesame seeds were the first to be pressed to obtain their oil, more than 3 millennia ago. Sesame oil is very appreciated for its multiple virtues for the hair, face, and body. What are all the benefits of sesame oil? In this article, we will explore some of the most important benefits of sesame both in application and in Cooking.

The History And Origins Of Sesame Oil

Sesame, originally from India, has been known for at least 3,000 years. It is the oldest plant from which oil has been extracted. Today grown mainly in Africa and Asia, sesame is a herbaceous plant that produces white or pink flowers from May to July. The fruit looks like capsules. They contain the famous seeds, up to 200 per capsule!

Sesame Oil

If the seeds are roasted, they will form oil used in food. Sesame oil used in cosmetics is obtained by cold pressing the seeds to make the most of the benefits. It is particularly rich in fatty acids such as omega-6 and 9 as well as vitamins

The Benefits Of Sesame Oil For Hair

Sesame oil is used in many solid shampoos and hair care products for its many benefits, which we present to you below:

Sesame Oil Is Effective Against Dry Or Dull Hair

Very rich in fatty acids, it provides the necessary hydration to the hair and nourishes it deeply. In particular, the contribution of omega-3, 6, and 9 helps soften and moisturize the hair which becomes shiny and supple again.

Sesame oil helps moisturize the hair. Its high nutrient content helps protect and strengthen the hair fiber. Mixed with coconut or jojoba oil, the nutrition is even stronger, for a guaranteed shiny effect.

Sesame oil is ideal for dandruff hair

When the scalp itches, dandruff can appear. Sebo-regulating sesame oil helps regulate the production of sebum by the scalp and thus reduces the presence of dandruff. The presence of vitamin E makes it very effective in hair care for dandruff-prone hair. It is possible to apply it as a mask directly to the hair in addition to solid anti-dandruff shampoo.

Sesame oil fights hair loss

In addition to providing additional hydration to the hair and scalp, it promotes blood microcirculation, which helps limit hair loss. Rich in vitamins with strengthening properties, it strengthens the hair

Skin Benefit Of Sesame Oil

In addition to its many benefits for hair, sesame oil has very interesting properties for the skin

Sesame oil is very penetrating

One of the major advantages of this oil is that it penetrates easily into the skin and does not leave a greasy film. This is why it is often used as a massage oil

Sesame oil is an excellent anti-wrinkle agent:

Rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E, lecithin, and sesamolin, it is an essential ally for mature skin. This antioxidant fights against the action of free radicals responsible for the first signs of skin aging. In addition, sesame oil accelerates cell regeneration, for preserved and revitalized skin

Sesame oil has anti-inflammatory properties:

Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, 6, and 9), it has a soothing and anti-inflammatory action ideal for skin conditions.

Sesame oil is suitable for dry skin:

Again, its high fatty acid content provides care and protection to the skin, which is both deeply hydrated and nourished. It penetrates quickly into the skin to maintain its hydration. Its softening, emollient, and regenerating properties are particularly suitable for dry or irritated skin.

Sesame oil is effective against acne:

The phytosterols it contains help regulate sebum production, which is sometimes too high in problem skin. The skin is cleansed as scars are reduced.

  • In the case of skin rashes, it helps eliminate toxins, which boost cell regeneration.
  • Sesame oil reduces skin spots
  • Rich in fatty acid and vitamin E,it ensures better cell regeneration, which helps to reduce various spots.
  • Sesame oil preserves skin hydration.
  • The presence of fatty acids and lecithin in it gives it the property to restore the skin hydrolipidic property. It is a barrier that protects the skin from dehydration.

How To Consume Sesame Vegetable Oil In Cooking?

Used cold in salad or cooked in hot dishes, sesame vegetable oil is rich in good polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which help to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It is widely used, particularly in Asian cuisines. People who like its very strong taste enjoy a few drops at the end of cooking

Toasted or untoasted sesame oil

In cooking, it is most often unroasted sesame seed oil, but there is toasted sesame seed oil with an enhanced flavor. However, they require a lighter hand.

Cooking: can you heat sesame oil? 

Sesame oil is a vegetable oil that can be consumed both cold and hot. When heated, its smoke point (the temperature at which the oil burns) is 210° c

Face, Body, Hair: What Are The Benefits Of Sesame Oil?

Its nutrients are beneficial when used in cooking, but sesame oil also works miracles in cosmetics or as part of massages. Applied pure or integrated into a cosmetic treatment, sesame vegetable oil helps nourish, soften, and regenerate the skin. It also has antioxidant properties, protects the skin from external aggressions and UV rays, and helps to reduce skin spots

➜ An excellent oil for massages

It is an excellent massage oil that helps keep the skin supple and elastic, protects it from microbes and accelerates healing. It is an exceptional ingredient in reducing infant buttocks irritation.

Sesame oil: useful in cases of constipation

During periods of constipation, consuming sesame oil can be of great help. Used in addition to other dietary measures (drinking water and eating fiber), it helps the digestive system get back on track


Sesame oil has many benefits. Its moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties make it an ingredient of choice for many cosmetic products. You will find it in a large number of products that are sold for cosmetic and care purposes (shampoos, soaps, creams, etc.), and it is not for nothing! In this article, we highly recommend sesame oil for various beneficial properties as mentioned in this write-up.

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.

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