Why Is My Forehead So Oily? Causes And Treatments


“Why is my forehead so oily?” This is one of the frequent causes that individuals bring up, usually with little to no clue how to fix the problem. If you are someone among the group it is highly likely that you may have a combination skin type. If you have an oily feel all over your face, your face type can be oily. However, if you are just experiencing this sticky and greasy sensation, just on your forehead or any other specific regions of your face, you might have a combination skin type.

However, one of the most important things to be noted here in this case is that this is not a skin issue or problem that needs to be resolved, but just another skin type. However, this might be causing a range of different issues to you especially if you are living in any tropical country with a greater humidity rate.

It is also important to know that you may follow some necessary steps through which you can reduce this extreme oiliness on your forehead and thus make it look way better than it used to be. In this article we will be discussing the major causes of oily skin and also the treatments that you may follow to get an improved skin condition. 

6 Major Causes Of oily forehead

Causes Of oily forehead

An oily forehead, like other areas of the face, can result from various factors. Here are six major causes of an oily forehead:

1. Hereditary

If you have a heredity of oily skin people in your immediate family, you are also highly likely to have oily skin or oily skin concentrated just on some specific regions of your face such as the forehead. However, this issue of greasy forehead can be improved if you follow the necessary steps consistently even if the cause is solely genetics or hereditary.

2. Age group

People belonging to the adolescent or young age groups can be seen more with an increased oiliness on their faces. This is due to the changes happening in the hormones and also due to the increased functioning of the sebaceous glands on their faces.

However, if you have an oily forehead just because of this issue, there is no need to worry, “Why is my forehead so oily?” since it is more likely to go away with the passing of age due to the natural ageing process. With the process of natural ageing, you may also notice a reduced functioning of the sebaceous glands leading to reduced oiliness and improved appearance.

3. Hormonal imbalances

The answer to your concerning question, “Why is my forehead so oily?” might be the imbalances happening in the hormone levels of your body. Especially if you are going through the reproductive phases such as ovulation and menstruation, you are highly likely to have an increased oily appearance to your skin. Even if you are not a woman, you may also have such issues since there are also studies showing that men are more likely to have hormones-causing oiliness on their faces.

4. Climate

Climate is another important cause of your oily forehead. Especially if you are living in a hot and humid climate, you are more likely to have the issue of increased oil production from your sebaceous glands. This is quite normal and understand that your skin is healthy too.

5. Geography 

The location where you are living is also quite crucial when it comes to your issues of greasy forehead. If you are living in a region that has a tropical climate with increased humidity, then you are again likely to have an oily forehead. The issue can be found to be resolved naturally when you shift the places.

6. Enlarged pores

Pores are not an issue. It is an indication that your skin is alive and still breathing. However, if you are having the issue of enlarged pores, this might be because of a range of various reasons such as UV damage caused to your skin, exposure to several chemicals, and also hormonal functioning. If you are someone with increased sebum production, the pores may stress and then cause the enlargement of pores.

4 Effective Treatments For Oily Forehead

1. Follow a skincare routine

Curating an appropriate skincare routine for you can be quite beneficial when it comes to reducing the oiliness on your face. Make sure you are using non-sticky moisturizers and skincare products to serve the purpose. Apart from that, it is also important that you choose water-based formulas instead of oil-based ones so that you will not end up having a more oily forehead or face.

2. Change your skincare routine

Changing your skincare routine seasonally can also help in improving the extreme oiliness on your face. During more hot and humid seasons, try to pick more mattifying skincare products. Whereas during the winter months of the year, switch to more hydrating yet water-based formulas.

3. Different products for different areas

Using different products for different areas can be quite difficult. However, if possible you may try applying mattifying formulas on your greasy forehead and nourishing formulas on the other parts of your face. This can be immensely helpful to resolve your issue, “Why is my forehead so oily?” especially if you can follow this consistently for a longer period of time.

4. Salicylic acid

This is one of the most potent ingredients when it comes to improving the issue of extreme oiliness on your face. Salicylic acid has the potency to dry out the excess sebum produced by the sebaceous glands on your face and thus make the appearance a lot better. Creams like benzoyl peroxide can also do a lot better in such cases.

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Now you might have served with the right answers to your question, “Why is my forehead so oily?” The key is to understand the causes first and then plunge onto the treatment side. Apart from that, you might have also understood how to address the question, “Why is my forehead so oily” when someone approached you with the same. Not skipping moisturisers can also be quite beneficial so that your pores will not produce excess oil and grease. 

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