C - reactive protein As An Immunopathological Prognostic Marker For Giardia Lamblia And Entamoeba Histolytica Associated Diarrhea Among Children Of Baghdad Governorate

  • Ali Ibrahim Ali Al-Ezzy Department of Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine- Diyala University
  • Walaa Najm Abood Department of Medical microbiology and Immunology - Diyala University
  • Rawaa Abulkhaleq Hussein Department of Medical microbiology and Immunology - Diyala University
Keywords: CRP, G.lamblia, E.histolytica, diarrhea


Background: C-reactive protein (CRP) is one of the classic acute phase proteins. The study of induction of acute phase reactants synthesis in parasitic infections would aid in understanding the host –parasite relationship.

Methods: Seventy-three children with parasitic diarrhoea that proved through clinical and microbiological investigation were selected. Thirteen of selected children were infected with G. lamblia and the rest sixty were infected with E. histolytica. Nineteen of the control group was females while the rest eleven were males. Venous Blood were collected from patients and control group for detection of CRP level via latex agglutination test. 

Results: The high rate of infection was detected among the age group (19-36) months. The highest level of CRP was (192 mg/dl) while the lowest one was (12 mg/dl) with a mean level (51.20 mg/dl). The mean level of CRP in control group was (3.7500 mg/dl). Positive significant correlations between CRP level and the age of infected children (r=0.290, p=0.013), the chronic infection with G.lamblia and E. histolytica (r=0.760, p=0.000). Positive significant correlation between the age group and the chronic infection with G. lamblia and E. histolytica (r=0.493, p=0.000).  Significant difference was detected between the patients group and control group regarding the CRP level (p>0.05).

Conclusion: This study proved that CRP level was increased in association with the age and chronic presentation of diarrhoea caused by  G.lamblia and E.histolytica and can be used as a non specific immunological marker for monitoring of clinical presentation of G.lamblia and E.histolytica  associated diarrheal.


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