The place of Science and Technology in Africa’s Developmental Drive

  • Uti Egbai Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar, Calabar
Keywords: African countries


African countries since gaining independence, have variously quest for development. It appears that their various attempts to get developed have failed to yield results as African countries are still far from being developed. The basic questions on this researcher’s mind are: what exactly is responsible for Africa’s slow development and what is the way forward? The researcher is well aware that there are many credible answers to these questions but is convinced that the slow growth of science and technology in the continent is largely responsible for her development plight. This research therefore, employing the philosophical methodology of criticism, argumentation and analysis, and relying majorly on secondary sources of data, attempted to show that the development of any nation largely hinges on its advance in science and technology. The paper, in the light of this, reiterated the need to develop science and technology in the continent. It recommended as ways of repositioning science/technology in Africa: a change in Africa’s cultural mindset, making efforts to stop brain drain and ensuring technology transfer from developed countries amongst other recommendations.



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