The efficacy & safety of paracervical block with conscious sedation in surgical evacuation of early pregnancy

  • Ashish Vadhera Classified Specialist Dept of Anaesthesiology MH Ambala, India
  • Sanjay Kumar Sharma Classified Specialist Dept of Obs & Gyn MH Amritsar, India
  • Madhusudan Dey Assoc Prof Dept of Obs & Gyn AFMC, Pune India
Keywords: Paracervical block, Conscious sedation, Early Pregnancy, Surgical evacuation, Efficacy


Background: Regional anesthesia is an easy, safe and has much less complications than General anesthesia especially in minor surgical procedures. This study is done to assess the safety & feasibility of Paracervical Block with conscious sedation in surgical evacuation of early pregnancy.

Materials & methods: Our study was a prospective observational study carried out in a tertiary care teaching center in Pune. Total of 119 patients were included in the study who had undergone surgical evacuation of first trimester pregnancy between Aug 2014 to July 2016. Patients were given 10 ml of Lignocaine 2% in paracervical block & Inj Midazolam 0.04mg/Kg body wt. and Inj Fentanyl 0.002mg/Kg for conscious sedation. Primary outcome includes success of the procedure as assessed by the patients.

Results: The opinion of the patients immediately after and 24 hrs after the surgery has shown that 97.5% of our patient have accepted the technique. The vital parameters were quite stable in both intra operative and post operative period as compared to its pre operative values. Our technique in the study was well tolerated by most of the patients with only 5.8% patients had minor and non serious side effects. It is clearly evident by about 3 hours of procedure patients were back to normal pre operative state.

Conclusion: Paracervical block with conscious sedation is an effective and safe method for surgical evacuation of early pregnancy.


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