Assessment of Kidney Function Tests in Diabetes Mellitus Patients under Insulin Doses in Arar Region, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Mohammad Najmuddin Khan Aljouf University Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences Saudi Arabia
  • Mohammed M Almutrfi College of Applied Medical Sciences, Jouf University
Keywords: Diabetes


Objectives: The aim of this work was to assess the kidney function tests in Diabetes Mellitus patients under insulin doses in Arar region

Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (D.M) is a prevalent endocrinal disorder in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Present study is to highlight the effect of long lasting cases of controlled D.M on Kidney Functions in a local region. Diabetic renal disease in human often requires the better part of two decades to develop the signs and symptoms of advanced/clinical diabetic nephropathy with underlying extensive damage to the various segments of the nephron, thereby causing albuminuria, rising blood pressure, and a progressive decline of glomerular filtration.

Materials and Methods: The serum biochemistry investigation for Glucose, Urea and Creatinine.

1-Glucose: The fasting serum glucose level was obtained from the laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry using department Autoanalyser (Dimension model RXL MAX) of the Arar Central Hospital, Arar.

2-Urea: Urea Kit (Randox) and a spectrophotometer were used to determine the serum urea concentration in the samples.

3-Creatinine: Serum creatinine was measured by a Kit (Randox), using the compensated kinetic Jaffe assay.

Results & Discussions: It is clear from the result that in almost all patients blood glucose is within normal range but their kidney function test i.e. urea and creatinine lies in high range. Measurements of Blood pressure (SBP &DBP) also found to be in normal range for all patients. So obtained results could be interpreted as: The patients are controlled diabetics under insulin therapy but with very high serum creatinine level indicating severely affected glomerular filtration rate.

Conclusion: Based on this study it  could be concluded that long duration of diabetes mellitus can affect renal function through destructive effects on vascular bed of renal tissues as a part of general vascular and nervous pathological effects of diabetes mellitus. These patients are advised to go for dialysis regularly and should be under observation of well qualified Nephrologists.


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