Complete blood count of blood donors in Antananarivo Madagascar

  • Zafindrasoa Domoina Rakotovao-Ravahatra Laboratory of Joseph Raseta Befelatanana University Hospital Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Miora Koloina Ranaivosoa Biologist, Laboratory of Biochemistry of Joseph Ravoahangy Andrianavalona University Hospital Antananarivo
  • Fidiniaina Mamy Randriatsarafara Public Health specialist, Public Health Department of the Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • Balsama Fahasoavana Lizah Medical student, Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo
  • Zely Arivelo Randriamanantany Professor of Immunology, National Center for Blood Transfusion Antananarivo
  • Andriamiadana Luc Rakotovao Professor of Biological Haematology, Medical Biology Department of the Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo
  • Aime Olivat Rakoto Alson Professor of Biological Haematology, Medical Biology Department of the Faculty of Medicine Antananarivo
Keywords: blood count, erythrocytes, blood donors


Objective: This study was conducted to determine the values of the blood count of blood donors in Antananarivo.Methodology: This is a descriptive and cross-sectional study from September 20th to November 09th, 2017 at the National Center for Blood Transfusion and the laboratory of Befelatanana University Hospital Antananarivo. The blood counts of all blood donors who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria were measured. Normal values were defined by values between 2.5 and 97.5 percentiles.Results: Among the 249 blood donors selected, 126 were men and 123 were women. For erythrocyte parameters, the values of hemoglobin are between 129 g/l -181g/l in men and 116 g/l -161g/l in women. Regarding leukocyte parameters, the values of leukocytes are between 3.8G/l-10.2G/l in men and 4.0G/l - 9.9G/l in women. The numbers of platelets are between 148G/l- 425G/l in men and between 155G/ l-482G/l in women.Conclusion: Blood count values of blood donors in Antananarivo showed variations by age and sex and showed differences from those of the Caucasian population. Thus, Madagascar should establish its own reference values to ensure proper management of the health of the Malagasy population.


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Author Biography

Zafindrasoa Domoina Rakotovao-Ravahatra, Laboratory of Joseph Raseta Befelatanana University Hospital Antananarivo, Madagascar
Biologist, Laboratory of Joseph Raseta Befelatanana University Hospital Antananarivo, Madagascar.


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