Expression of Alpha Crystallin Protein in Osteoarticular Tuberculosis in Latent Phase: A Review of Evidences

  • Nazia Rizivi
  • Ajai Singh
  • Sabir Ali Ph.D Scholar Dept. Of Orthopaedic Surgery K G Medical University
  • Manish Yadav
  • Syed Rizwan Hussain
  • Vineet Kumar
Keywords: Tuberculosis, Extra-pulmonary tuberculosis, Osteoarticular tuberculosis, Latent phase tuberculosis, Active phase


Due to scarcity of bacilli, an accurate diagnosis of osteoarticular tuberculosis is always being a challenge. Though conventional methods lack sensitivity and are time consuming, molecular diagnostic modalities are very effective for early diagnosis with high sensitivity and specificity. Timely diagnosis even in latent period will improve the efficacy of the treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis. Under some stress conditions like hypoxia, nitric oxide stress, long term viability of M. tuberculosis is favoured by alpha crystallin protein (acr), which is a dominant protein of latent phase. In this article we focuses on protein that shows significant expression in the latent phase of M. tuberculosis. It may be further used as a prognostic biomarker for differentiating latent and active tuberculosis.


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