Pyogenic Granuloma mimicking Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma : A Case Report

  • Devang Manojkumar Mistry Ahmedabad Dental college and Hospital
  • Aanal D Mistry Ahmedabad Dental College and Hospital
  • Ankit H Shah Ahmedabad Dental College and Hospital
  • Mrugank M Bhavsar Ahmedabad Dental College and Hospital
Keywords: Differential diagnosis, Histological features, Pyogenic Granuloma, Peripheral ossifying fibroma, Periodontal ligament.


Peripheral ossifying fibroma a gingival nodule which is composed of a cellular fibroblastic connective tissue stroma which is associated with the formation of randomly dispersed foci of mineralised products, which consists of bone, cementum-like tissue, or a dystrophic calcification. The lesion is considered part of an ossifying fibroma, but that is usually considered to be a gnathic tumor. Pyogenic granuloma (also known as a "Eruptive hemangioma", "Granulation tissue-type hemangioma", "Granuloma gravidarum", "Lobular capillary hemangioma", "Pregnancy tumor and Tumor of pregnancy is a vascular lesion that occurs on both mucosa and skin, and appears as an overgrowth of tissue due to irritation, physical trauma or hormonal factors. It is often found to involve the gums, the skin and nasal septum, and has also been found far from the head such as in the thigh. This article highlights a peculiar case presentation about both one lesion mimicked the other and how the diagnosis was finally made by ruling out one lesion.


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