Role of Serum Albumin in fracture healing

  • Manish Yadav
  • Ajai Singh
  • Sabir Ali Ph.D Scholar Dept. Of Orthopaedic Surgery K G Medical University
  • Nazia Rizivi
  • Syed Rizwan Hussain
  • Vineet Kumar
Keywords: Serum albumin, Fracture healing, Fracture nonunion, Fracture impairment


Albumin is the most abundant plasma protein with molecular weight of 69 kd and it accounts for 55-60% measured in total serum protein, produced in liver. The multipotent progenitor cells of bone marrow differentiate into functional hepatocyte-like cells which expresses albumin. The 66kDa albumin protein is very prominent, and this protein component is present in the bone tissue as a major bone protein. The increase in IGF-I with fracture healing induce the production of albumin in the femoral-diaphyseal tissues and thus the osteoblastic proliferation takes place. The albumin also enhanced the bone calcium and DNA content that further promotes fracture healing, and its deficiency may be a significant determinant in healing process which may lead to fracture impairment. In this review we focused on the valuable significant role of albumin in fracture healing as well as the nonunion.


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