Symptomatic Male Urethral Diverticula- Presentation, Diagnosis and Management.

  • Elias Sharma Asst Professor Govt Medical College Jammu Jammu & Kashmir
  • Jaideep M Ratkal Associate Professor Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli


Objective- To report our experience of aetiology, diagnosis, management and outcomes of uncommon male urethral diverticula managed at a single institute. Patients and Methods: After due approval from local ethical committee the case records of 8 male patients including a child presenting with urethral diverticula in a 10 year period (2002-2012) were retrospectively analysed with regard to presentation, diagnosis, management and outcomes. Results: A total of eight patients were identified having been managed for a urethral diverticulum during the period. Of the eight patients one was congenital diverticulum and rest acquired. A child aged 10 years, presented with straining to void and inability to empty the bladder and was diagnosed to have anterior urethral valve located at peno-scrotal   junction. The valves were endoscopically resected and diverticulum de-roofed. The child recovered with good outcome of good flow and emptying of bladder. Patients with acquired diverticula, presented at a mean age of 42 years (25-60 years). The presentation was similar with two patients presenting with acute retention. The Aetiological factors included Trauma, Previous urethral surgeries like Visual internal urethrotomy and infection. The common site of diverticula was peno-scrotal junction, followed by distal penile urethra. Two patients were treated with primary excision and establishment of urethral continuity and rest with two stage procedures. The outcome was poor in one patient of primary excision who presented later with stricture at the anastamotic site. Conclusions: Unlike in female population, male urethral diverticula are uncommon but should always be thought of in young men with obstructive urinary symptoms and in those with a past history straddle injuries. Treatment if individualized leads to good outcomes.


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Elias Sharma, Asst Professor Govt Medical College Jammu Jammu & Kashmir

Department of Urology

Asst Professor

Jaideep M Ratkal, Associate Professor Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli

Associate Professor,

Department of Urology



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