Risk of urolithiasis due to topiramate as weight loss drug

  • Elias Sharma Associate Professor, Department of Urology, Medical College, Jammu
  • Jaideep M Ratkal Associate Professor Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli
Keywords: Hanging, Drowning, Strangulation, Traumatic asphyxia, Postural asphyxia


Topiramate is sulfamate-substituted monosaccharide anti-epileptic and migraine drug, recently FDA approved as an anti-obesity medicine. Many reports of symptomatic urolithiasis with Topiramate usage as anti-epileptic and migraine drug are available including those studies with biochemical and stone risk profile. We present cases of symptomatic urolithiasis in patients on Topiramate for weight loss and to express caution that the drug usage should be limited and accompanied by assessment of risk profiles at regular intervals.


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Author Biography

Jaideep M Ratkal, Associate Professor Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli

Associate Professor,

Department of Urology


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