Clinical profile of primary hypothyroidism

  • Shobhana Bitey Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Amol Bitey Consultant Radiologist, Department of Medicine, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur, Maharashtra
Keywords: Hypothyroidism, Thyroid gland, Odema, Bradycardia, Menorrhagia, Goiter, TSH


Background: Hypothyroidism is a clinical syndrome resulting from deficiency of thyroid hormones in the target tissues. Primary hypothyroidism is common worldwide especially in iodine deficient areas like India. Subclinical hypothyroidism (SCH) occurs due to an under functioning thyroid gland and presents with varied symptoms and signs. The present study was undertaken to find out clinical profile of primary hypothyroidism with special reference to subclinical hypothyroidism.

Methods: Total 62 cases of primary hypothyroidism were included in the study and evaluated for age and sex distribution, clinical profile, biochemical parameters, thyroid profile, ECG, X-ray, 2-D-echo and complications. A special emphasis was given in evaluation of cases of SCH.

Results: The mean age in primary hypothyroidism was 40.72 years with females (70.96%) predominance. Most common symptoms were tiredness, weight gain and odema feet (51.61% each) whereas commonest signs were bradycardia and edema feet being noticed in 64.51% cases each. Mean TSH, T3 and T4 was 30.25µLu/ML, 103.25 ng/dl and 4µg/dl respectively. Out of 62 cases, 14 (22.58%) cases were of SCH and all of which were females having mean age of 36.35 years. In these patients’ commonest presenting symptoms were tiredness and menorrhagia (35.71% in each). Hypertension and goiter was found in 14.28% each. Clinical picture of patients of primary hypothyroidism was depending on age, sex and TSH level.

Conclusion: There was no impact of iodised salt on clinical presentation. Subclinical hypothyroidism may be the early stage of primary hypothyroidism. Patients having TSH> 60 µLu/ml present with more clinical signs, symptoms and complications.


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