A Review on Supine Hypotension Syndrome

  • Gaurav Solanki


Supine hypotensive syndrome is characterized by severe supine symptoms and hypotension in late pregnancy, which compel the unconstrained subject to change position. Rarely, it may manifest even from the fifth month of pregnancy or postpartum, as well as in the pelvic tilt or sitting positions. Although inferior vena cava compression influenced primarily by the size of the uterus and exact maternal and fetal position, is the major determinant in its development, other factors may also be important in modulating the circulatory effects of such compression. As there seems to be a spectrum of severity from minimal central cardiovascular alterations to severe syncopal shock resulting from supine inferior vena cava compression, it is difficult to define a cut-off point at which the syndrome occurs. This syndrome is a major consideration in dental treatment of a pregnant patient.


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