Fluoride use in Controlling Dental Caries and Fluorosis

  • Gaurav Solanki
Keywords: Vesicocervical fistula, Vesicouterine fistula, Lower segment caesarean section


Policywere introduced to control fluoride exposure and to reduce the prevalence offluorosis.The study aimed of describing the prevalence, severity and risk factors for fluorosis, and todescribe the trend of fluorosis among Indian children. The study also aimed ofexploring the effect of the change in fluoride exposure on dental fluorosis and caries. Establishing an appropriate use of fluoride toothpaste could be successful in reducing fluorosis without a significant increase in caries experience. The use of fluorides for oral health has always involved a balance between the protective benefit against dental caries and the risk of developing fluorosis. The link between fluoride and dental health was established to determining the causes of dental fluorosis or enamel mottling. Fluorosis in Indian children was highly prevalent in the early 1990s.


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