Effects of Arabusta coffee on the cardiovascular and biochemical parameters in hypertensive rats

  • Cassime Tiemoko
  • Alain Dit Philippe Bidie
  • Gervais Mboh
  • Allico Joseph DJAMAN
Keywords: Oxidative stress, Blood pressure, Coffee


The objective of this investigation is to valorizeArabusta, an hybrid coffee, by testing it on the cardiac and biochemical parameters of rats made hypertensive to adrenaline.The present study was carried out on 32 rats divided into 2 lots: one control (4) and one test (28). After induction of adrenaline hypertension in the test batch, the curative effect of the coffee extract was evaluated at the different doses (200 and 400 mg / kg). At the end of the experiment, the cardiovascular parameters were measured and blood samples were taken for the determination of the various parameters.Our results showed that the treatment of hypertensive rats with the extract at the dose of 400 mg / kg exerted an antihypertensive effect by a significant decrease (P <0.05) of the cardiovascular parameters (-31.2 mmHg for SBP and -31 mmHg for DBP). The beneficial effects of the extract on blood pressure were accompanied by a reduction in oxidative stress.Arabusta coffee could be recommended as a new antihypertensive food supplement because of its remarkable action on some risk factors for the onset of the disease.


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