Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus Among Patients Receiving Multiple Blood Transfusions in Khartoum

Multiple Blood Transfusions

  • Rania Abdelhamed Osman Faculty of Medical Laboratory Sciences, Department of Microbiology, University of Alneelain, Khartoum
  • Musa Abdalla Ali Faculty of Medical laboratory Sciences, Department of Microbiology , University of Khartoum
Keywords: T. indica, hyperglycaemia food and water intake, hematology


This study Aims to a determine the prevalence of HBs Ag in patient with multiple blood transfusion. In cross sectional study This cross sectional study 90 case. The age less than 60 years. with multiple transfusion, These study carried in Khartoum hospitals, Khartoum state from Sep. to Dec 2017, in the subjects serological test were done, ageless than 60 years. Detection of HBs Ag will be done by Elisa Kits. Results: A total number of 90 patients were screened during the study period. 55 (61.1%) were males and 35 (38.9%) were females. 11.1% of the patients were positive HBs Ag, HBV was more prevalent in age ( > 18 years, 18-25 years). Among HBsAg positive patients: 6 (60%) were males and 4(40%) were females. Four patients (11.8%) were HBs Ag positive and leukemia disease, two patients (11.1%) were HBs Ag positive and Sickle cell anemia, one patients (16.7%) was HBs Ag positive and Diamond blackfan anemia(DBA), Two patients HBsAg positive and suffer from bleeding after surgical operation. One patients were HBsAg positive and HCV positive, Four out of 13 (30.8%) were HBs Ag positive and jaundice positive, Two (28.6%) were HBs Ag positive and have family history of HBV. HBV transfusion transmission from occult HBV infection carrying extremely low viral loads is related to plasma volume transfused and possibly prevented by anti-HBs. HBV blood safety could be further improved by either anti-HBc screening (indicates previous or ongoing infection with hepatitis B virus in an undefined time frame).


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