Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews – Does This Program Really Improve Balance And Stability?

Do you ever feel unsteady on your feet? Have you noticed your balance getting worse as you age? If so, you’re not alone. Loss of balance can happen to anyone, leading to falls that damage confidence and independence.

If this sounds familiar, you may be interested in a program called Neuro Balance Therapy that claims to improve stability and balance through tailored exercises. But does it deliver on its promises?

In this Neuro Balance Therapy review, I’ll take an in-depth look to see if it’s worth the investment. We’ll explore what’s included, whether it helps real customers, and cheaper alternatives.

Join me as we get to the bottom of whether this balance training program is a breakthrough or just hype. By the end, you’ll know if Neuro Balance Therapy is right for your needs and budget.

Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews – Chris Wilson‘s Balance Strengthening DVD Series!

The Neuro Balance Therapy program is designed by Chris Wilson, a strength coach, who found out that some falls occur due to a condition called foot drop. According to him, a set of simple exercises that modify this condition is introduced as Neuro Balance Therapy.

Neuro Balance Therapy exercises are categorized into three types: newbies, intermediate, and experts for the convenience of everyone at their pace. You don’t need any equipment to practice it other than a firm chair and a nerve-stimulating spike ball provided at the purchase of the program which claims to restore your balance to make you smile with confidence as you were in your twenties. 

Neuro-Balance Therapy Review
Program NameNeuro Balance Therapy
PurposeTo prevent older adults from falling
CreatorChris Wilson
Benefits▪️ Boosts peroneal nerve function
▪️ Reduces trips and falls
▪️ Enhances balance on the move. 
▪️ Strengthens feet-nervous system
▪️ Improves mobility
Pros▪️ Follow along videos
▪️ Spike ball for stimulating nerves
▪️ Easy to access and use 
▪️ Bonus materi60-day day money back guarantee
▪️ Professional guidance
Cons▪️ Regular practice required
▪️ The result may vary depending on conditionsonditons
Bonuses▪️ The Top 20 Tips To Fall-proof Your Home
▪️ Downloadable Version Of Neuro balance Therapy Program
Money-Back Guarantee60 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Neuro Balance Therapy Program?

Neuro Balance Therapy program is a video content that teaches you a series of therapeutic movements to specific nerves in your lower body to regain balance and stability to reduce the risk of falls.

The exercises included in the Neuro Balance Therapy program are light and stretch and give detailed instructions in written and video format making it easy for everyone to follow for their individualized needs. As Neuro Balance Therapy is in digital format you can begin the program immediately after the purchase, by downloading the program into your device. 

Integrating the exercise into the existing workout practice you can start to use the program for its health benefits. It is available at a discounted price for purchase on the official website along with 2 free bonuses. Neuro Balance Therapy digital program is assuring customer satisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It is a 100% risk-free program that can be tried by adults of any age. 

Neuro Balance Therapy revives inactive nerves by supplying necessary nutrients easing blood supply. Mobility issues can be patched up by performing this easy to do home exercises to surpass muscle weakness. 

Who Is The Creator Of Neuro Balance Therapy?

Neuro-Balance Therapy Creator

The creator of the Neuro Balance Therapy program is Mr. Chris Wilson, a fitness expert, who was able to manage a variety of fitness issues and address imbalance and instability caused for trips and falls among elders. It is a comprehensive series of therapeutic exercises to prevent falls and enhance balance. 

What Is Included In Neuro Balance Therapy? 

As per the Neuro Balance Therapy program, to prevent frequent trip and fall peroneal nerve has to be trained. As it starts from the sciatic nerve it is supposed to be responsible for giving sensation to all parts of the feet.

Moreover, Neuro Balance Therapy regulates the movement of leg muscles involved in raising ankles and feet. The damage to one nerve can lead to weakness and instability. The Neuro Balance Therapy DVD series is designed to annihilate this condition with specific exercises compiled in it. 

Neuro Balance Therapy DVD

The program can be accessed by purchasing either the DVD or the digital video content downloadable from the website at different prices. Detailed Instructions for practicing the Neuro Balance Therapy program are provided by the creator along with it.

It illustrates different exercises and sequential movements to stimulate the peroneal nerves. You may find the beginner, intermediate, and advanced sequences exercises in the program. Neuro Balance Therapy digital program allows anyone to access the program from anywhere anytime purchasing it. 

Spike Ball

The spike ball comes with the physical version of the program. ie.DVD when you purchase it. The specific number of spikes awakens your nerves that assist in maintaining balance and stability in your movements.

Neuro-Balance Therapy

How Does Neuro Balance Therapy Program Work?

The exercises included in Neuro Balance Therapy acts as vestibular rehabilitation to train the peroneal nerve to retain stability and strength to enhance muscular contraction. The exercises aim to boost peroneal nerves creating physical and mental coordination.

Improved balance and steadiness in the movement are the ultimate outcomes of this improvement. These stretches can be followed from anywhere with a spike ball while watching tv or using a smartphone. 

10 seconds of exercise with the spike ball instigates the dormant nerves in the foot. Within 14-30 days results begin to be visible for many users. As no physical trainer or gym instructor is needed to perform these exercises it can be practiced at your home. 

Benefits Of Neuro Balance Therapy

Neuro Balance Therapy program renders several health benefits such as sensitization of the peroneal nerve to its optimal function. The spike ball, available with the physical version of the program, helps awaken the nerves in your foot.

Ultimately Neuro Balance Therapy assists anyone to reduce the risk of falling. The program is available as easy to follow as it can be downloaded from anywhere to your computer or any other device.

Reduces trips and falls
Enhances balance on the move
Strengthens feet-nervous system
Improves mobility
Neuro-Balance Therapy program

Pros And Cons Of Neuro Balance Therapy Digital Program

Neuro Balance Therapy is a program to designed to improve balance and stability even while you are on the move. The therapy is based on the theory that reviving the proper function of the peroneal nerve, which is responsible for balance and stability, can strengthen the user’s foot strength and prevent falls. 


  • Follow along videos
  • Spike ball for stimulating nerves
  • Easy to access and use
  • Professional guidance


  • Regular practice required
  • The result may vary depending on conditionsonditons
Order Neuro-Balance Therapy From Official Website

Is Neuro Balance Therapy Legit or Not? 

Neuro Balance Therapy is a program that supports your stability and body balance on the move. The exercises are illustrated explicitly in written and video format which is available in physical DVD form or digital downloadable content.

The quick and efficient exercises seem to impart the health benefits promised by the creator while we read the different Neuro Balance Therapy reviews shared on the website describing the health benefits, they got, like improved body balance and stable walking. 

The program, since it is accessible online immediately after purchase, is easy to use and flexible, and can be performed from anywhere. It seems to be a legitimate program when we consider the proven results based on scientific studies.

The fact that Neuro Balance Therapy result is assured by the creator, with a 60-day money-back guarantee, makes the program reliable, for those who struggle with imbalance and instability, and worth a try. 

Is the Neuro Balance Therapy Full-Free Download Available?

A few messages spread on the net surface that Neuro Balance Therapy full free download available is not factually true since the program can be accessed only by paying $37 after a discount. Neuro Balance Therapy digital program access is made available for both options of physical DVD and digital content. Customers who purchase the program will get immediate access to all of the materials including free bonuses. 

Improves mobility
Reduces trips and falls
Money Back Guarantee
Price Worth
Editors Choice
Improves mobility
Reduces trips and falls
Money Back Guarantee
Price Worth
Editors Choice
Improves mobility
Reduces trips and falls
Money Back Guarantee
Price Worth
Editors Choice

Neuro-Balance Therapy Customer Reviews And Complaints

As we go through the numerous customer reviews that appeared on the website, we can understand that the customers benefitted from the Neuro Balance Therapy after tying it. Most of them share positive responses detailing with body balance benefits they experienced performing the program. Not many complaints resulting from participating in the program are reported yet. 

At the same time, a few customers have stated that the results are not satisfactory as expected for them. Negative Neuro Balance Therapy reviews are hardly found reported. 

Neuro-Balance Therapy customer review

Neuro Balance Therapy Programme Pricing And Availability 

Neuro Balance Therapy is available to purchase with two options: physical DVS option or digital downloadable option, on the official website of the program. It is not available on any other online platform. This life-saving program is priced reasonably considering its health benefits. 

▪️ Access to the digital version of the Neuro Balance Therapy program costs you $37

▪️ Access to the digital version of the Neuro Balance Therapy and the physical version (DVD) of the program with the spike ball costs you $47 

Get Neuro-Balance Therapy From Official Website

Neuro Balance Therapy Bonuses

Neuro Balance Therapy is twinned with two additional bonus gifts. They are intended to enhance the experience of performing the Neuro Balance Therapy program for better results. 

◾️ Neuro Balance Therapy Bonus#1: Top 20 Tips To Fall Proof Your Home (worth-97)

◾️  Neuro Balance Therapy Bonus#2: The downloadable digital content of the program (worth-97)

Neuro-Balance Therapy Bonuses

Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews – Final Verdict

Neuro Balance Therapy with its simple systematic exercises promises the reestablishment of the neuro-physiological balance by activating the function of the deep peroneal nerve. Neurological imbalance is a common issue found among aged people. It can cause accidental trip and fall leading to a life-threatening condition. 

The program has been formulated after deep scientific research and case studies by a fitness expert in body balance. 

It is backed by a money-back guarantee to assure customer satisfaction and the purchase makes it risk-free. The exercises and tips included in the program are easy to perform, backed by proven results, and affordable too. All these factors add credit from different Neuro Balance Therapy reviews, making it a reliable choice and worth trying for those who struggle with neurological imbalance. 

Get Neuro-Balance Therapy At A Very Afforable Pricing


1. Can Neuro Balance Therapy impact negatively health?

No, Neuro Balance Therapy does not impart any negative impact on health since it is composed of some simple exercises to activate the peroneal nerve and boost the function of the foot nervous system. There are no reports of any side effects resulting from performing the program yet.

2. Is the Neuro Balance Therapy program backed by a refund policy?

Yes, Neuro Balance Therapy, to ensure customer satisfaction comes with a 60-day money-back refund policy. If the customer is not satisfied with the results rendered by performing the program he can unsubscribe the program and return the product within 60 days from the day of purchase. 

3. How to get access to the Neuro Balance Therapy program?

The user can visit the official website of the program by clicking to access the program online from anywhere in the world and can perform the exercises at his own ease.

4. Is it appropriate for all ages?

The program can be used by elder people even at the age of 80 or 90 since the exercises are easy to do at home without the need for any equipment. Older people with body imbalance issues find benefits from the program.

5. What are the benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy?

There are multiple benefits promised for the users of the program. Primarily it enhances neuro-physical coordination by stimulating the peroneal nerve. The exercises with the spike ball increase blood flow into the foot and strengthen the stability of the move.

Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a customizable program developed to improve your body’s stability to lead to a reduction of falls.

Dr. Jun Ren

Neuro Balance Therapy
User Feedback
Value For Money


Neuro Balance Therapy with its simple systematic exercises promises the reestablishment of the neuro-physiological balance by activating the function of the deep peroneal nerve.



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