Primanix Reviews – Scam Alert For Customers! Read Before Buying!

Primanix is a penis enlargement supplement that has been receiving rave reviews since its launch. From the immense hype surrounding the supplement, you might feel like the supplement is legit. But, can you comment on the authenticity of a supplement just by looking at its popularity? Continue reading this Primanix review to learn the truth behind the formula. 

Primanix Reviews: Fake Hypes Are Exposed! Don’t Buy This!

Popularity can be bought with money. The manufacturers, sometimes, create such an impact to attract customers. After all, this supplement could be their only way to earn bread, so, it is only obvious for them to make their supplement look genuine.

In this Primanix review, I will take you through every aspect of the supplement including its ingredients, working mechanism, effectiveness, authenticity, and potential side effects to see whether the supplement is worth a shot or not. 

At first sight, you will be impressed with any supplement that is surrounded by initial hype. But, you will have to view every supplement with a skeptical eye so that you do not fall into a pit set up by the development team.

Primanix Review

Supplement NamePrimanix
Claimed PurposeMale enhancement
Key Ingredient Used➡️Fenugreek
➡️Long Jack
➡️Horny Goat Weed
➡️Tribulus Terrestris
FDA approvedNo
Side EffectsYes
Authentic SiteNo official website
Primanix Customer reviews2.4/5

What Is Primanix? 

Primanix is an all-new male enhancement supplement that claims to support the bedroom performance of men by increasing the size of their manhood. It is meant to enhance the sexual pleasure of men and promote strong erections.

According to the Primanix reviews posted online, the supplement is good to increase the length and girth of the penis. Usually, doctors recommend surgeries when a man is not confident with the size of the penis he has. But the research team says that they had to bring a cheap yet efficient alternative to solve the issue. 

The packaging is pretty decent and is not fancy at all. Maybe, the design team chose black bottles because men are often associated with black to show their simplicity and strength. Although the packaging is a ten on ten, it is not the purpose for which you buy them. In the coming sections, I will analyze each claim to see whether the manufacturers are being honest or not. 

Ingredients Used In Primanix Supplement 

The following are the ingredients used to prepare the so-called natural male enhancement supplement:

➡️Fenugreek: Fenugreek is one of the crucial ingredients used to formulate Primanix. According to several studies, Fenugreek helps in maintaining testosterone levels. Not only that, it also works to improve the size and length of the penis. 

➡️Long Jack: Long Jack is another ingredient that is also beneficial in enhancing the testosterone levels in your body. It also promotes the production of Leydlg cells and leads to elevated sexual pleasure. 

➡️Horny Goat Weed: Horny goat weed is one of the most common ingredients used in male enhancement supplements. It is the presence of the potent phytochemical called Icariin that make the herb suitable to promote erection that lasts longer. 

➡️L-Arginine: L-Arginien is the only blood flow targeting ingredient used in the formulation of Primanix. It helps in the relaxation and dilation of the blood vessels during erection and ejaculation. 

➡️Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris is an ingredient that is well known for converting testosterone into estrogen to improve your energy levels. When the energy is increased, the overall performance will be affected. 

Other than these natural ingredients, the multiple Primanix reviews indicate that the formula also includes other ingredients such as damiana extract, Butea Superba, Rhodiola rosea, saw palmetto, and others.

If the manufacturers had shown any evidence to prove that they had used only these ingredients during the preparation, then it would have been believable.

Currently, neither we have any solid evidence to say the formula is made of these ingredients, nor we have provided any scientific evidence or a lab report.

Moreover, the supplement is not approved by any medical research facilities. Well, let’s see if there is anything good about Primanix so that we can validate the hype surrounding it. 

How Effective Is This Primanix Male Health Supplement?

Now, it is time for us to have a brief discussion on the working mechanism of the Primanix male enhancement supplement. When I clicked on the Primanix review available on the internet, I couldn’t find any working mechanism.

So, I decided to open a second Primanix review. Here, they had given a description of its working, but it didn’t make sense to me. So, I opened a third Primanix review. This is when I realized something was wrong with the working of the male enhancement formula. 

From the beginning itself, I was quite suspicious about the supplement. But, I neglected my gut feelings and decided to research thoroughly before drawing any conclusions. But, I was proven to be right at the moment when I realized that the supplement didn’t even have a website. This particular realization was such an eye-opener for me. Could there be any more red flags than these? 

When the authenticity of the supplement itself is put in question, how can you abstain from questioning its effectiveness? 

From this, it is evident that the manufacturers are not looking to benefit their customers, but only to fill their pockets. 

Potential Benefits Of Primanix

If Primanix is a genuine supplement, then we would have agreed with the manufacturers and their claims regarding the benefits. Like any other supplement, Primanix is also associated with a range of benefits.

Since you know that the supplement is a major red flag, the advertised benefits might not influence you. But, it might influence the uninformed customers out there. However, let’s see which all were the benefits that we would have received if the Primanix male health supplement was legit:

  • Longer Penis 
  • Synerboost technology 
  • Better sexual performance
  • Increases sexual pleasure 
  • Harder erections 
  • Increased semen volume 

Remember that these benefits are nothing, but another marketing strategy used by the manufacturers to gain your attention. Because we are by far not given any scientific backing to support the supplement’s claims.

After all, the supplement completely looks illegitimate without a website. Instead of putting your health in danger, I would suggest looking for working male enhancement supplements like Performer 8. At least, your health will not be adversely affected. 

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Primanix Side Effects – Is It Safe To Use?

We expect negligible side effects even for supplements made with only natural ingredients. So imagine how your body would respond to Primanix, a supplement that is made of a bunch of unknown ingredients. 

We still do not know what ingredients were used in the production procedure, because, we are presented with no proof that could make us believe that the manufacturers had used the same ingredients that they have displayed on the supplement label.

All we know is the supplement comes with a lot of claims that are not backed by science. This suggests that you can expect an array of side effects from taking Primanix every day. All you can do is not risk your health by consuming them.

Meanwhile, working male enhancement supplement like Performer 8 is a walking green flag. To begin with, it has a trustworthy website, and everything regarding the supplement is mentioned there.

The Primanix ingredients are all-natural and are clinically tested by a third party. Moreover, the formula is effective and is based on recent scientific discoveries. It is also free from any chemicals and other artificial additives. In short, Performer 8 seems like major thumps up. 

Pros And Cons Of Primanix 

Make sure you do not skip this part while reading the Primanix review because it is the core of the review. Not only this will help you take an informative purchase decision, but it also make you understand why Primanix 3 In 1 formula is a complete waste of time and money. 


  • Primanix is a 100% natural male enhancement supplement 
  • It is effective for everyone unless there is any underlying medical condition 


  • The Primanix dietary supplement does not have an official website 
  • The ingredients used are not lab tested
  • The Primanix 3 in 1 formula is not blacked by scientific evidence 
  • Lack of information about the working principle
  • Authentic Primanix customer reviews are not available 
  • The effectiveness of the supplement is still in question 

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Is Primanix Formula Legit? 

To comment on the legitimacy of a supplement, we should have much information such as the ingredients used, working mechanism, manufacturing standards, clinical evidence, and effectiveness.

Here, the male enhancement formula is completely baseless, because it is not backed by any scientific evidence. The Primanix review websites on the internet are only bragging about the ingredients used and the benefits. They are careless about proving their claims. As I have mentioned earlier regarding the working mechanism, we are still completely unaware of it. 

Moreover, it is needless to mention anything about the production standards followed by the manufacturers. There is no information about where the supplement is prepared and how it is prepared. In a nutshell, we can say that the Primanix male enhancement supplement is a scam. 

Primanix Results – When Can You Expect To See Results? 

Normally, any natural supplement would require at least 2-3 months to start working in your body. Again, it depends on each body type. So, it is feasible to anticipate results in less than a couple of months.

But, we only expect favorable results from working supplements. Here, Primanix does not seem like a supplement that would work to deliver the desired outcome. So, it is utter foolishness to expect results from this.

How To Order Primanix? – Is There An Authentic Site Available?

This is my favorite part of this Primanix review. Do you want to know why? Then, read on. 

I have come across various fake supplements in the past few decades. Every time I open a promotional review, I understand it is promotional from the very first paragraph. But, then I think about the intention of the review writers.

They want you to buy the product. Unfortunately, the story is different here. Neither the manufacturers nor the promotional team seems like they want you to buy the supplement.

If they had such an intention, they would have attached a buying link somewhere in the Primanix review. But no. It seems like the manufacturers only want to waste your time taking through all these promotions ads just to make you realize that you are not encouraged to buy the supplement. However, a few of the Primanix reviews have provided purchase links, but they lead to some other websites. 

When it comes to working supplements like Performer 8, they will have a genuine website where you can buy the supplement. It is these little things that make you understand which supplement is legit and which one is not. 

Primanix Customer Reviews – What Customers Say?

Primanix customer reviews indicate that either they received a dummy product from e-commerce platforms or received an entirely different supplement from there. However, their experience is not that fruitful.

As expected, the customers only have negative feedback to share. While some of them experienced side effects like constipation, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and fever, others said there were no positive or negative impacts to comment on. 

According to Primanix customers, the manufacturers have failed to fulfill their claims. Some of them are even recommending Performer 8 instead of Primanix. 

How Does Primanix Compare With Other Supplements? 

Primanix is a male enhancement supplement that is claimed to be a natural supplement working to enhance your overall sexual experience. However, the supplement is free from an official website, and no claims made by their team are backed with evidence. Nobody knows how the supplement works.

Supplement PrimanixPerformer 8
Supplement formCapsules formCapsules form 
Net quantity 30 capsules90 capsules
Price (Starting)$69.9564.99
Bonuses No bonusBonus Available

The Primanix manufacturing standards are not disclosed, and the ingredients are not lab tested leading to questioning the existence of the supplement. Meanwhile, Performer 8, another male enhancement supplement has managed to capture my attention ever since I started my research on it. 

Although Primanix only seems like a replica of working male enhancement supplements like Performer 8, it received initial hype making the users baffled. While a bottle of Performer 8 is sold for $64.99, a bottle of Primanix is sold for $69.95. Both bottles contain 30 capsules each. However, the customer ratings are comparatively very much higher for Performer 8.

Performer 8 is a herbal supplement that is meant to assist men in improving their bedroom performance by increasing their sexual energy and stamina, increasing semen motility and volume, and increasing the duration of erections.

The capsules are non-GMO and soy-free and there are zero known side effects for the supplement. However, Primanix is completely different from Performer 8, starting from its brand reputation to its effectiveness. 

Performer 8

Primanix Reviews – Final Verdict 

Taking everything into consideration, it is understandable that Performer 8 is way better than Primanix. Not only it is a legit supplement, but it is also a supplement that has the support of an entire development team, and personally, I will only recommend Performer 8 over Primanix. My preference need not be explained as it is evident from the available Primanix reviews, that even they are rooting for Performer 8.

After all, we know that only effective supplements can be sustained in the market and hype cannot always cover their actual performance. It is also the reason why supplements like Performer 8 are still being chosen by thousands of people.

Not only is the supplement effective in improving the sexual performance of men, but it also makes erections stronger and firmer than before. These are often the dreams of several couples over here. So, why not you finally do something for yourself and your partner this time? Maybe, they will thank you for this. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Primanix worth the hype? 

Prminaix is a male enhancement supplement that has been receiving major hype from day one. If the effectiveness of the supplement is something to go by, then it is safe to assume that Primanix dietary supplement is not worth the hype. 

2. Do penis grow in size with supplements like Primanix? 

About Primanix, we are not sure whether it will work to give you the desired outcome, But, if penis enlargement is what you are looking for then, may opt for working supplements like Performer 8.

3. What are the manufacturing standards followed? 

The manufacturers of Primanix male enhancement formula have not shared a word about the manufacturing standards followed during the production process. It seems like no US rules and regulations were followed in the process. 

4. Is Primanix approved by FDA?

Primanix is not approved by FDA. These organizations only approve legit supplements and only when they are convinced about their legitimacy. 

5. Is Primanix a working male enhancement supplement? 

Although the manufacturers claim the efficiency of Primanix, the customer reviews suggest it is not effective. In fact, according to real-time customers, Primanix capsules also cause side effects like diarrhea, nausea, constipation, and fever.


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