What To Drink After Miscarriage To Clean Womb? Explore Natural Ways


Miscarriage is a stressful and serious situation that can happen to any woman when they are going through pregnancy. Usually, miscarriage happens during the first trimester, and there are fewer chances in the second and third trimesters.

It is because the baby stabilizes its position inside the womb and grows naturally with time. Besides, once a miscarriage happens, it is necessary to clean the womb so that no infection or poison effects affect the body of the woman. 

Also, there are certain drinks and foods that will ease cleaning the bomb and remove the fetus naturally.  Let’s see some of the natural ways to remove by-products or remaining fetuses that are attached to the uterus. Also, here are some drinks that you can take during the miscarriage process and completely clean the womb.

What Are The Reasons Behind Miscarriage?

Usually, miscarriage happens after 3 months of pregnancy, but there are some women who can experience it even after 4 to 6 months.

What To Drink After Miscarriage To Clean Womb

So, some of the reasons for miscarriage are-

  • A pregnant woman can go through chromosome problems that affect the structural and functional parts of the developing baby. Here, the baby dies inside the womb and expels either naturally or clinically. 
  • Placental disorders are another reason for early pregnancy loss. Due to this, the essential nutrients and water are not passed to the baby, and they die in the womb.
  • Other factors can be taking alcohol, smoking, and other lifestyle factors are major causes of miscarriage. 
  • Also, chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances are other reasons for miscarriage, especially in the first trimester. 
  • Uterus abnormalities are another situation where the shape of the uterus is seen as abnormal and does not allow any development of tissue, leading to pregnancy loss. 

What Drinks Can Be Taken To Clean The Womb After Miscarriage

After a miscarriage, you can go through heavy bleeding and blood loss, which reduces the fluid contents from the body. So, it is necessary to maintain its consistency to reduce dehydration and nutritional loss from the body.

Some drinks that you must include after a miscarriage

Plenty of Water: Water is the basic element to live a healthy life. So, when having a miscarriage, drink plenty of water so that you can stay hydrated and maintain fluid retention in the body. 

Natural Teas and Chocolate Puris: There are various natural teas like mint tea, nestle tea, red raspberry tree, and other herbal teas that naturally clean the womb and aid a healthy uterus. Also, chocolate puris helps in doing the same thing and also provides essential benefits to the mind and body after miscarriage.

Drink Healthy Turmeric Milk: Turmeric is considered the best product that relieves every problem and is also beneficial for healing. So, you can drink turmeric powder with a glass of milk every day and get a healthy womb.

Juices Made with Natural Ingredients: Fruit and green leafy vegetables protect the body from all diseases and give you energy. So, you can drink natural and fresh juices from fruits to help you get the necessary elements and maintain fluid balance in the body. 

Pineapple Juice: Another good drink that you can take to clean the womb after miscarriage is pineapple juice. It will help to naturally clean the uterus and also provide essential nutrients to you. It contains bromelain enzymes that help to soften the cervix and remove the rotten blood from the womb.

Some Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Womb After Miscarriage At Home

1. Intake More Healthy Food And Beverages

Once you have gone through a miscarriage, there are various changes that happen within the body. So, it is necessary to eat more healthy food and beverages that would help to give proper nutrition.

You can eat food that is rich in iron, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Besides, you should also remember to avoid processed and spicy food and drinks as they can trigger the situation. 

2. Always Take Your Medicine On Time

Miscarriage has mental, emotional, physical, and hormonal effects on the body and mind of the woman. So, it is necessary to take medicines as prescribed by the gynecologists for recovery at regular times so that no infection and other health issues occur.

After miscarriage and treatment, it is necessary to have proper hygiene and ensure to clean the vagina properly. You can take the help of various wash products that ease the fight from infection and also maintain pH levels in your body.

4. Don’t Go Out Until You Get a Proper Recovery

If you are suffering from a miscarriage situation and have taken treatment recently, it is necessary to have proper rest and not go out until you are fully recovered. It can hamper the situation and affect the uterus. Also, having proper rest can naturally clean the womb with time, and you can recover safely and quickly. 

5. Avoid Caffeine And Alcohol Intake 

There are various caffeine-rich products like coffee, tea, and other foods that are responsible for increasing inflammation within the body after miscarriage. So, avoid caffeine intake and include a healthy diet to recover from these situations. 

Need Of Cleaning Womb After Miscarriage

Miscarriage is a situation that can make a woman’s body physically and emotionally fragile. So, it is necessary to treat and cure as soon as possible to get back to normal life. Also, it is necessary to have a healthy pregnancy in the future and remove debris, bacteria, or other harmful substances from the uterus. 

So, it is done either naturally or by going through surgery with anesthesia. However, the exact result can only be analyzed after going through an ultrasound to see whether the fetus is completely removed or some parts are left behind. 

Bottom Line

There can be various types of miscarriages in which the loss of a baby from the womb is seen, like missed, ectopic, incomplete pregnancy, and others. Here, the gynecologists treat either with medication or minor surgery to remove the remaining fetus from inside the womb. Also, the above natural ways can easily help clean the womb and get back to normal activities sooner. 

Besides, certain drinks like turmeric milk, abundant water, and other fluids maintain the fluid within the body, which is lost through miscarriage. Moreover, it is necessary to have regular mild exercise like walking, aerobics, and yoga to recover from physical and emotional trauma that happens due to miscarriage.

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