What Does Ombre Gut Health Test? How It Works?


The gut microbiome is made up of microscopic bacteria, fungi, and other microbial organisms that live in the large intestine. A healthy gut microbiome is essential for supporting gut health and the overall health of your body.

The gut microbiome can affect your digestive health, nutrient absorption, physical and mental performance, cholesterol levels and heart health, metabolism and weight, quality of sleep, and immunity.

Ombre Gut Health Test: What It Is?

Ombre is a tech health company that was previously known as Thryve. This test checks the nature of the gut microbiome in your body. These tests are then used to determine the best probiotic to use.

Probiotics have health benefits such as boosting the immune system, supporting digestive health, improving stool consistency, and reducing diarrhea. Ombre also manufactures and sells supplements for its users.

Ombre Gut Health Test

The Ombre gut health test claims to be effective in checking gut imbalances.  If you are experiencing any symptoms related to gut health, it can tell you which gut bacteria is causing them and will give you the necessary steps to overcome them. It includes food recommendations and personalized probiotic supplements. This will help you to correct your gut imbalance and symptoms.

How to order the test?

To order your test, first, go to their site and choose between a basic gut health test or a complete gut health program. Both packages include the gut testing kit. Ombre’s microbiome testing kit includes a sample collection kit, prepaid shipping box, activation card, personalized gut health report, food recommendations, and probiotic suggestions.

How we can do the test?

Next, you have to collect and send the sample. For that, first prepare for sample collection. It can be done when you have your first bowel movement of the day. Next, collect the stool sample. Cover one end of the cotton swab with a stool.

The sample required for this purpose is the size of a grain. Place the swab with stool inside the sample tube. Next, prepare your sample. Stir the swab inside the tube until the liquid inside changes color. Close the tube and shake its contents for another five seconds.

Now the sample is ready to be sent. Place the tube inside the shipping package provided and send it to the Ombre laboratory. You have to activate your kit by going to the Ombre website. Register your test using a 5-digit kit ID, which you can find on your blue activation card.

You will get your results in two to four weeks. Your gut score is analyzed on a scale ranging from 1 to 100. This is a clear and easy way to know about the quality of your gut microbiome.

This score depends on the amount of good and bad bacteria present in your gut, including probiotic strains, commensal bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. Probiotic strains are good bacteria, commensal bacteria are known to boost immunity and pathogenic bacteria are bad bacteria.

The higher score suggests that you have a healthy gut, and lower scores may suggest an unhealthy gut. Gut diversity score is another indicator of the health of your gut. This score is based on the diversity of various bacteria in your gut. Ombre also compares the score with the average healthy population from the American Gut Project. This will be presented in percentage. 


The gut microbiome report of Ombre explores the unique gut environment. It can tell you which bacteria live in your alimentary canal, how many of them there are, and why these microbes are good or bad for you. Ombre shows you the percentage of gut bacteria that you lack and those bacteria which are in optimum levels.

It also gives detailed information of the strains of bacteria that you have to increase or decrease. Ombre shows bacterial levels for each strain and compares with healthy average. Based on your report, Ombre also provides food recommendations and personalized probiotic suggestions.

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