Immunomodulatory Potential Of Rutin And Quercetin In Swiss Mice Exposed To Gamma Radiation



  • Shrikant L. Patil

    Department of Physiology,
    K. S. Hegde Medical Academy,
    Nitte University, Mangalore

  • Shilpa Patil

    Department of Biophysics,
    University of Mumbai, Kalina Campus, Mumbai India

  • Nageshwar B. Rao

    Division of Radiobiology and Toxicology,
    Manipal Life Sciences Centre, Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka

  • H M Somashekarappa

    Centre for Application of Radioisotopes and Radiation Technology, USIC, Mangalore University, Mangalore – 574199.



Gradient elution, RP-HPLC, Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Avobenzone


Radioprotective mechanisms of Rutin (RUT) and Quercetin (QRT) against gamma radiation was studied by investigating recovery of endogenous spleen colony-forming units, haematological alterations in peripheral blood in Swiss albino mice. Radiation induced haematological alterations in peripheral blood was studied; mice were treated with RUT (10mg/kg.b.wt.) and QRT (20mg/kg.b.wt.) once daily for five consecutive days and exposed to 7.5 Gy of gamma radiation after the last administration. RUT and QRT treatment before exposure to 7.5 Gy of gamma radiation resulted in a significant (p 0.01) increase in cellular components of blood at various post-treatment time points when compared with the respective irradiated groups. Irradiation of mice reduced the spleen colony forming units in the spleen and the number of spleen nodules was inversely related with the increase in radiation dose. The potent antioxidant nature of RUT and QRT mitigate the oxidative stress induced by gamma radiation and thus protect the mice from hemopoietic damage.


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