Bakers Cyst: A Case Report and its clinical significance


Soumitra Trivedi, Manisha Barnwal Sinha, Bikash Chandra Satapathy, Dhyanesh Kumar Sharma, Abu Ubaida Siddiqui




The Bakers or Popliteal cyst is a bursa seen between medial head Gastrocnemius and Semimembranosus. This bursa when present usually communicates with the cavity of Knee joint, most of the times being asymptomatic. They can occur due to any intra-articular pathology including bony inflammation, cartilaginous lesions, meniscal or ligament tear, etc. The symptomatic cases are mainly leading to pressure effects due to anatomical vulnerability of surrounding structures. Symptoms related to Popliteal vein compression and Tibial nerve entrapment are the most common clinical presentations. Although, Bakers cyst is a chronic disorder and after treatment also requires follow up to prevent relapses, it causes difficulty in differential diagnosis while presenting in acute state. Ultrasonographic examination and Magnetic Resonance Imaging are important tool to avoid misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. Surgical resection of the cyst is rarely indicated when intra-articular pathology cannot be diagnosed or its treatment is not responding.


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