Aggressive Periodontitis A Case Report



  • Gaurav Solanki



Malignancy, Sertoli Leydig cell tumor, Ovary, Adolescent


Aggressive periodontitis which is an uncommon condition is characterized by severe loss of attachment and destruction of alveolar bone around one or more permanent teeth during the period of pubescence. Aggressive periodontitis have localized and generalized forms. It is currently believed that combination of bacteriologic, immunologic and hereditary factors are of major importance in the etiology of this disease. The case was of a 14 – year old female and his clinical and radiographic findings were typical for generalized aggressive periodontitis. Treatment consisted of thorough training in techniques of plaque control, scaling and root planning and administration of tetracycline 250 mg every six hours for three weeks, as well as combined surgery and antibiotic therapy. But both failed to cure or control the disease mostly because of the non-cooperation with the oral hygiene instructions.


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Case Report

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