Evaluation of Lipid Profile and Proteins level among Infected Patients with Hepatitis B and C Viruses



  • Safa Mohamed Osman

    Faculty of Medical Laboratory Science, Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Alneelain, Khartoum


  • Omer Fadul Edris

    Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Alneelain, Khartoum




Examination of plasma lipid profile could be considered as a clinical index to reflect liver damage in the active phase of hepatitis. This study aims to assessment of serum of lipid profile and proteins in patients infected with HBV and HCV. In cross sectional study 80 subjects were enrolled in this study. 40 diagnosed with positive HBV or HCV and 40 healths apparently as control group, age ranging between 19-55 years. Lipid profile, TP and Alb were measured by using spectophotometric methods of full automated Mindray analyzer. The results showed HBV and HCV is common in youngest with 62.5% versus adults 37.5%. Also found significant increase in mean concentration of TG and LDL-C infected patients with ( P -value 0.004 and 0.000) respectively. The results of TC, HDL-C, TP and Alb showed insignificant differences with P-value (0.346, 0.121, 0.328) respectively. Study concludes that, patients infected with HBV and HCV have higher level of TG and LDL-C, may indicate fatty liver as the results of hepatocellular damage.


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Safa Mohamed Osman, Faculty of Medical Laboratory Science, Department of Clinical Chemistry, University of Alneelain, Khartoum

Medical laboratory



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Osman SM, Edris OF. . Int J of Pharmc Res [Internet]. 2015Oct.1 [cited 2020May31];5(9):214-6. Available from: https://ssjournals.com/index.php/ijpr/article/view/2494


Vol. 5 No. 9 (2015): Sep


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