BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Reviews – Safe Or Fake? (2023 ALARMING Updates)

If you’re someone who has messed up your sleep schedule, then this BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough review is for you. Sleep Breakthrough is a dietary supplement that helps to maximize your sleep quality. It is the key to sound sleep. As per the official website, this supplement has delivered excellent results to light sleepers. It was created by Matt Gallant for people around the world who deal with sleep deprivation.

Your body can’t function normally with inadequate sleep, sleep deprivation can disrupt healthy brain function and affect you mentally and physically. Sleep deprivation is a real thing and 50 to 70 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Reviews – How Effective Is BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough In Maintaining Your Sleep Cycle & Wake Cycle?

Hi, I’m Leah Groh a licensed medical professional myself, I have compiled all the pieces of information, facts, feedback, and queries from reliable sources to get in-depth. In this BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough review, we will discuss BiOptimizers, causes of sleep deprivation, ingredients, dosage, pros, and cons, etc.

CertificationGMP Approved
Label Accuracy98.97% (PASS)
Ingredients Purity93.40% (PASS)
Ingredient Safety98.62% (PASS
Projected Efficacy97% (PASS)
Category Average Price$47 to $57
Net Weight205g
Heavy Metal ScreeningBelow Proposition 65 Limit CA – (PASS)
Flagged Inactive IngredientsN/A (PASS)
Suggested Course Duration90-120 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

About BiOptimizers

Sleep Breakthrough is a powdered dietary supplement created for those who suffer from sleep deprivation. Taking 2 scoops of Sleep Breakthrough provides optimal sleeping time. It also allows you to wake up in the morning without that foggy brain feeling that you didn’t sleep enough.

It was created by Matt Gallant, Bsc. Sc. Act/Kinesiologist, the CEO and co-founder of BiOptimizers. He describes it as a “life change”. He quotes  “Sleep Breakthrough has been a life changer for me. This formula makes me want to go to bed and sleep. Otherwise, I pass out on the couch. “

Sleep Breakthrough By BiOptimizers is completely vegan and gluten and soy free. The powder weighs 205 g and is 25 servings per container. The formula allows you to go back to sleep after any disturbances in the middle of the night. It includes ingredients like taurine, glycine, calcium citrate, Gaba, and other ingredients as well.

What Causes Sleep Deprivation?

Multiple factors can affect sleep deprivation and some of them are:

  • Poor sleep hygiene 
  • Stress
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Hectic work schedule
  • Increased screen time at night
  • Excessive caffeine intake

How Does BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Treat This?

Enhancing deep sleep, can improve physical and mental health, restore energy, and can improve concentration and productivity. The consumption of Sleep Breakthrough can elevate the desire to sleep by calming the mind and reducing restlessness and increasing REM. It decreases your heart rate which contributes to a healthy sleep cycle. The BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough ingredients regulate melatonin and provide a calming effect in the brain thus it enhances sleep quality and duration.

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Ingredients: How Effective Are They?

Bioptimizers Sleep Breakthrough is gluten-free and soy-free. It contains the following ingredients:

TaurineImproves mood and concentration improves liver function Reduce inflammation
GlycinePromote better sleep lowers the risk of colon cancerMaintain strong bones
Calcium CitrateImproves mood and concentration improves liver function Reduces inflammation
 GABARelives anxiety and stress improves sleep Reduces high blood pressure
L-theanineImproves cognitive function Better mental focusPromote restful sleep
Zinc OrotateImprove heart health Support cognitive functionsBoost immunity power
Magnesium Bis-glycinateReduce anxiety and depressionBoost mental health Control blood sugar and pressure
P5PSupports sleep cycleIncrease energyMaintain quality sleep
  • Taurine (2500 mg)

Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid. It can be found in the heart, brain, retina, and skeletal muscle. It is an essential nutrient and is known as a relaxant. It acts as a natural sedative to calm anxiety. Taurine is a common energy drink component that enhances physical performance. It induces a great change in daytime sleep compared to that of night.  

  • Glycine (3000 mg)

Glycine is an amino acid that provides many health benefits, it helps to lower the body temperature which is a crucial step for high-quality sleep. Glycine triggers rapid eye movement also known as REM. It also enhances sleep duration, lessens daytime sleepiness, and improves cognition.

  • Calcium Citrate (350 mg)

Calcium Citrate is commonly used as a preservative and sometimes for flavor. It has a significant role in affecting the sleep cycles, particularly in the REM stage of sleep. Calcium helps the body to use the amino acid tryptophan to make melatonin, which delivers restful sleep.

  •  GABA (125 mg)

Gamma-aminobutyric acid(GABA) is a neurotransmitter in the brain. The human body produces it and medical supplements aim to boost it. GABA enables the body and mind to relax and causes sleep. It is commonly used as an anti-anxiety remedy because it creates a calming effect.

  • L-theanine (200 mg)

L-theanine is an amino acid found in green or black tea and some mushrooms. It helps to reduce stress and thus lower heart rate. L-theanine is a well-known agent that can reduce sleep differences.  It influences the neurotransmitters in the brain and promotes relaxed brain activity and removes sleep disturbances. 

  • Zinc Orotate (4.5 mg)

Orotates are mineral salts of orotic acid. It is used by plants and animals to make DNA & RNA. It is a well-researched mineral for sleep. Zink Orotates are also commonly used to treat zinc deficiency. It improves sleep quality and fewer wake-ups at night. 

  • Magnesium Bis-glycinate (24 mg)

It is a mineral supplement used to treat magnesium deficiency. Researches show magnesium bis-glycinate can relax your mood and help with insomnia. Magnesium regulates the neurotransmitters related to sleep and provides efficient sleep. Magnesium plays an important role in the nervous system as it helps to activate the mechanisms that calm you.

  • P5P (15 mg)

P5P also known as pyridoxal phosphate is an active form of vitamin B6. It is a water-soluble form of B6. P5P is a coenzyme that also supports the sleep cycle and wake cycles.  It can increase energy and enhance mood. P5P regulates the functioning of neurons and maintains quality sleep.

The bright blue color of the supplement comes from blue spirulina, organic berry, and grape juice which gives a beautiful blue hue. 

Order BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough From Official Website

Does BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough have scientific support?

We’ll review some of the research we have conducted below to analyze the science behind the supplement.

Glycine is one of the major components found in Sleep Breakthrough, studies have shown its regulation in the body temperature. It significantly improves sleep quality. 

A study conducted in 2010 proved that taurine increases total sleep by 50%.  It also induces changes in daytime sleep. In one study with 40 adults with sleep difficulties, people who used GABA one hour before bed for four weeks showed a significant reduction in the time needed to fall asleep.

Overall Sleep Breakthrough contains a powerful blend of ingredients that influences the neurotransmitters in the brain and provides relaxation and deep sleep. It is evident from the above reports that the ingredients are 100% effective in maximizing your sleep quality to absolutely crush the days ahead. 

How long will it take BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough to show the results?

According to my own personal experience and feedback conducted by our patients, I have concluded that Sleep Breakthrough By BiOptimizers has delivered efficient and positive results. Drastic changes were seen in customers suffering from sleep deprivation for a long time. An effective result can be seen within a week or two, while many experienced a sense of calm and lesser anxiety in the beginning days.

Customer reports state that the formula helped them fall asleep faster and left them a little less exhausted the next day. Overall the consumption of Sleep Breakthrough has shown effective results within a week or two although the result may vary from person to person.


Can you expect a long-lasting result from BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough? 

Sleep Breakthrough is a nutritional supplement that is doctor’s recommended that enhances a better sleep outcome. Customers have seen positive outcomes within a week and unlike other sleeping aids, Sleep Breakthrough provides long-term results if it is taken consistently as per advised.    

How much should I take and when?

Consumers are instructed to mix 1-1.5 scoops of Sleep Breakthrough with 1 cup of water at night for effective results. It is always recommended to use the supplement consistently for better and long-lasting results. 

Best of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough

The following are some of the benefits of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough supplement:

  • Increased desire to go to sleep
  • Increase in REM
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Fall back to sleep after disturbance at night
  • Slower heart rate
  • Increase in energy

Worst of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough

While going through some of the authentic BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough reviews, a few drawbacks were found. They are;

  • Only available through the official website
  • Results may take time 
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 18
  • Not suitable for pregnant or nursing women
Visit BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Official Website

Why should you give it a try?

As a customer who used it, I would recommend this product to people who deal with sleep deprivation. The thing that grabbed my attention is that it is made up of natural ingredients. The BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough ingredients can regulate the neurotransmitters in the brain and provide you with quality sleep. I have experienced visible changes within the first weeks of use.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that serves you with great results within a limited amount of time, then this is the right choice for you.


Additional Tips To Improve The Quality Of Sleep

  • Reducing screen time at night
  • Reduce the use of caffeine. 
  • Avoid nicotine completely
  • Limit daytime naps
  • Listen to relaxing music
  • meditation

What Product To Choose? Expert Advice

Sleep Breakthrough is a doctor-recommended product with natural ingredients combined to give you efficient results. Many health experts recommend BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough to people suffering from sleep deprivation.

According to reports conducted in the US, the third fastest-growing supplement brand is Sleep Breakthrough. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or side effects compared to other dietary supplements. Many users are finding visible results within a few weeks. 

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Pricing And Discounts

You can purchase Sleep Breakthrough By BiOptimizers through the official website at the most reasonable price. The consumers can either subscribe for limited-time supplies or order them as a one-time purchase.

The subscription package includes:

  • One jar for $57 + shipping
  • Three jars for $47 + free shipping USA and CAN 
  • Two jars for $52 + free shipping USA

The one-time package includes:

  • One jar for $65 + shipping
  • Three jars for $56 + free shipping USA and CAN 
  • Two jars for $60 

The manufacturers of Sleep Breakthrough had made it clear that they do not sell their products to any other third-party websites like amazon, purchasing these products may leave you with unfulfilled results and exposure to risk. 

Stay away from such traps and click here to purchase from the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough official website which offers a 365 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. The refund will only cover the purchase price only (shipping and other charges will remain the same) 

For more queries, contact the customer support team

Get BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough From Official Website

BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Reviews: Was It Helpful?

Quality sleep is a vital part of physical and mental wellness. Good sleep can improve performance and productivity. In a nutshell, the BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough supplement is a blue-hued powder supplement that assists in optimal sleeping time.

The consumption of the product at night increases your desire to go to sleep, your REM will increase and your heart rate will slow down which results in better sleep quality. The formula is completely vegan and gluten-free and soy-free. It does not contain any allergens as well. Thus no negative BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough reviews or side effects were reported yet. 

We recommend this product to some of our patients who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation, and we have seen a lot of improvements in our patients when they come back. It is reported that they have experienced a relaxed mind and improved sleep quality and duration. The consumers are 100% satisfied with the products as it delivers fast results. Another thing I need to mention is the reasonable prices they are being sold at and their refund policy. It is the cherry on top. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

The Sleep Breakthrough increases the desire to sleep, reduces daytime sleepiness, improves sleep quality, and soothes the mind.

  • What is the shelf life of Sleep Breakthrough?

Bioptimizer Sleep Breakthrough has a shelf life of 2 years from the manufacture date as per the product label.

  • Who can use BiOptimizers Sleep Breakthrough?

Sleep Breakthrough can be consumed by any adult who is in a dire need of sleeping aids. 

  • Is Bioptimizers Sleep Breakthrough Safe? 

Bioptimizer Sleep Breakthrough is a safe supplement that is FDA-approved. This formula is clinically proven to be addiction-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. 

  • What’s the refund policy like?

Sleep Breakthrough offers a 365-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. The refund will only cover the purchase price only (shipping and other charges will remain the same) 

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